Hello readers. Thank you again for your support of this blog, I hope you all find it informative. Again, I must stress that the point of this blog is not only to share my own point of views, but to also encourage productive discussions and to educate. Today, I will be discussing an issue that has deeply divided America. The so-called ‘Muslim Ban’.

On Friday January 27th, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that has now been deemed the Muslim Ban. I have conflicting feelings about this executive order, however I feel that it may be necessary, even if it is an inhumane action. But first, let us get into the text of this executive action. I feel that there is a lot of misinformation that is going on and it is necessary for everyone to be properly informed.

The following countries are covered under this ban:

– Iraq 

– Iran

– Syria

– Libya

– Somalia

– Sudan

– Yemen

Let us start with the simple fact that this is NOT a Muslim Ban. While all of the countries that are in the list are Muslim-majority countries, regardless of religion ALL nationals are banned from entering the country for the next 90 days. With that simple fact, you can discard the use of the term ‘Muslim Ban’. While I don’t agree with Iran or Sudan being on this list, I believe the other countries have one key thing in common that has placed them on this list. In each and every one of these countries, an affiliate of Islamic State or Al-Qaeda has rose to prominence.

 In Iraq, the American-backed government continues their war against the Islamic State (IS) who still holds the second largest city in Iraq. Despite recent successes against IS, they continue to hold territory and inflict severe losses on the Iraqi Army. 

In Syria, several different radical Islamist factions have rose to fight the Assad regime. The civil war has turned into a regional war with multiple regional powers such as Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the Gulf States backing their own side. It is also the stronghold of IS and there have been multiple intelligence reports of IS leadership planning to infiltrate the American refugee system.

In Libya, a civil war has erupted with the fall of former Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi. IS has taken advantage of the ensuing civil war by seizing territory in the former Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte. IS has gained support from the supporters of the fallen Gaddafi regime and continues to gain strength despite American air strikes due to the volatile situation in the country.

In Somalia, their own radical Islamist rebel group Al-Shabaab joined Al-Qaeda as an affiliate in 2012 and continues to fight the Western-backed Somali government as they have for the past five years. Their threat has grown so much that there is currently a $7 million dollar bounty on information leading to the location of Al-Shabaab’s leader. Al-Shabaab has also made threats against America on multiple propaganda videos.

In Yemen, multiple factions continue to vie for control of the country. Eastern Yemen has become the stronghold for the most dangerous Al-Qaeda affiliate in the world, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). AQAP has launched three attacks on America, two successful attacks and one a failure. In 2000, AQAP bombed the USS Cole, killing seventeen US sailors. In 2009, a Muslim convert who had spent time with the AQAP in Yemen launched an attack on a recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas. Private William Long was killed and Private Quinton Ezeagwula was wounded. AQAP also attempted a Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 as it approached Detroit. AQAP has publicly stated that it will continue to target Americans and American interests. 

The majority of the countries on this list deserve to be there. We simply cannot risk allowing refugees that are not properly vetted to enter the country. I agree with the Trump Administration’s decision to enforce a ban for a period of ninety days while they improve the vetting process. However, I do not agree with the way it was carried out. There was no planning nor forewarning about this act and it left people who were here legally shut out of the country. It has spilt up families and continues to receive extreme backlash from the Left. Many officials were left bewildered and didn’t know what to do when the order was enacted, causing mass confusion across the country. In the future, the Trump Administration must do a better job at planning and must evaluate every decision closely. Donald Trump is no longer the sole owner of a corporation with unlimited power, he is the President of the most powerful country in the world who MUST learn to do the job.

Thank you for reading. I will be back soon to discuss more issues that are facing America. If you would like to discuss anything regarding this post, please leave a comment. Thank you.

– W


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